02 Jun

Today the world is facing an unusual problem - COVID-19 and COVID- 19 cases are continuing to increase and no vaccine is available to safe people. By follow some rule and regulation, we can protect own self and our family. If any COVID 19 (CoronaVirus) victim is in your family.

You should do - 

1- Keep away you and other people and pets from sick people.

2- Wear the gloves clothe and face mask when you go near to the patient.

3- Avoiding touching their face, nose, eye and mouth and use medical advice

4- Always use tissue for sneezes and coughs and through the tissue away then wash your hands with soap at least 20 seconds or use sanitizer.

5- Use a separate bathroom, dishes, glasses, towels, cups and not use them with other families member.

6- If a sick person can not wear the mask, you must wear a mask and gloves.

7- Ensure space in your patient room and keep the open window for airflow

8-Not allow visitor into the room

9- Daily use cleaner to clean home.

And after a few days, when the patient is recovering from coronavirus then you must clean your house by calling an experienced Coronavirus Residential Cleaning Coventry. A cleaning company that has good experience and experienced worker can also be called for cleaning the entire house. Before calling anyone, You can see their reviews and portfolio and what types of technology they are used to clean and certification from Government. 

Cleaning professional can clean-

1- They can clean the entire home

2- They can clean special are like kitchen, bathroom very deeply and cleaned every possible surface.    

3- They clean touch point such as door handles, push pads, telephones.

4-They use the best quality antibacterial spray as well as soap.

5- To safe our workers, we use personal protective equipment (PPE) and colour-coded equipment

We use the best strategy given by public health England and best tool protective gear and janitorial cleaning tools for extensive cleaning. In fact, our team has SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV experience.
The main objective of our workers is ultimately about keeping people safe which is a big responsibility.

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